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The only high performance aircraft that can takeoff and land on snow, water, and hard surface! Unique designs of Multipurpose Landing Gear, Telescopic Wing, and Interconnected Propeller system provide increased utility, performance, and safety.

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The GENESIS is a twin engine six-seat 'triphibious' aircraft designed for unprecedented speed, utility, safety, and ruggedness. The landing gear enables the aircraft to takeoff and land in water, snow, hard surface, and sod or undeveloped runways without changing gear components and is completely retractable. All three of the aiplane's landing configurations are selectable by the pilot while in flight. The new telescopic wing design gives a fast cruise speed of 280 mph while maintaining Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) characteristics for short and rough field conditions on undeveloped and developed airstrips (stall speed 63 mph). Range is also increased to over 2,000 miles. The durable structure gives the airplane aerobatic capabilities and a useful load of 2,400 lbs (1091 kgs). The innovative propulsion system links both propellers to both engines so power is still provided to both propellers during an engine failure, which greatly increases safety. Patents have been issued and construction is beginning on the prototype. Preparations are being made for production under FAR Part 23 certification. Investors are being sought to expedite construction of the aircraft.

A new standard in safety, utility, and performance.


The Genesis is a safe, widely useful - yet high performance - family of aircraft that can operate from clear and snow covered ground bases and from the water.

Primary accomplishments of this design are:

Three unique systems were developed in order to accomplish all of the above. The three systems, (interconnected propellers, multi-purpose landing gear, and telescopic wing), are capable of functioning independently on an aircraft or used in any combination. These three systems are brought together with great synergy in a single design called the GENESIS.

A six-place twin engine configuration proof-of-concept aircraft is currently beginning construction, a four-place version with smaller engines is planned along with a wider body cargo version. Larger variations including special duty configurations are under investigation.

Although the aircraft incorporates several innovative mechanical designs that give it unprecedented capabilities and performance, the aerodynamics, construction materials, and construction techniques are conventional, (riveted aluminum structure).

Patents have been issued.

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