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The Market
Gevers Aircraft, Inc. * GENESIS *

The high utility nature of the Genesis allows for a broad market.

The Gevers Genesis will be the only aircraft ever produced in which a single plane can fulfill the requirements of all of the following categories simultaneously without modification. In addition, it will perform exceptionally well in each. For this aircraft, unlike the competition, gaining versatility in one area does not limit its performance in the other areas. In fact, the design features which give the Genesis its versatility also increase its performance above the competition's.

Bush plane
Short take offs and landings to unimproved runways on sod, water, and snow covered areas. Obviously requires STOL performance, but also requires ruggedness with maintenance materials and techniques which can be performed in the "bush". In addition, long range and high cruise speeds are desirable to travel great distances into undeveloped areas and return quickly without the need to refuel.

Amphibious with good water handling abilities. Stable in the water for recreational activities such as fishing. Highly economical to operate for recreational purposes. Also not restricted to water bases, able to commute between water, dry land, and snow covered airstrips without modification to the landing gear.

Personal / Pleasure
Recreational flying, travel to distances too far to drive, and sight seeing. Requires an aircraft which is simple and economical to operate and is perceived safe. Ability to personalize the aircraft in unique ways such as tail art. High resale value due to versatility and durability.

Executive / Business
Short and long trips taken at unscheduled times by company pilots generally to areas not serviced by the airlines. Requires comfortable aircraft with high cruise speed.

Flight Training
For beginners, many short training flights, sometimes handled roughly. Requires durable, simple to operate, stable, easily maintained aircraft with good visibility for collision avoidance, and low landing speeds.
For advanced training, single or multi-engine operation, retractable gear, high performance, instrument cross country training, and is safe in the most adverse training conditions (e.g. one engine inoperative and cross wind takeoffs and landings). Amphibious & ski landing gear allow for seaplane & snow landing training.

Search and Rescue
High speed cruise to the site then maximized loiter time until return or Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) performance to drop off supplies or return with passengers. Requires high cruise performance with short take off and landing capabilities. Also requires fuel efficient loiter mode with good downward visibility. The ability to land in a variety of terrain (water, land, & snow) is highly beneficial.

Air Cargo
Transport of bagged and/or palletized material. Requires maximum cabin volume and durable floor and walls. The aircraft should have a comfortable performance safety margin at gross weight. Long range and efficiency are also desirable. Occasionally carrying cargo to remote areas with a variety of terrain for landing.

Requires a high degree of maneuverability, strength capable of achieving high 'g' loads, and high speeds.

Aerial Photography
High speed cruise to the site then mild maneuvers and high speed cruise return. Requires good downward visibility from cabin, good performance, stable flight when pilot is distracted, and high wing loading for smooth camera platform.


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