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Genesis The Gevers Genesis Triphibian - Aircraft Design - A high performance aircraft that can takeoff and land on snow, water, and hard surface. Unique designs of Multipurpose Landing Gear, Telescopic Wing, and Interconnected Propeller system provide increased utility, performance, and safety. This section contains 16 information packed pages and the patents describing the innovative design features found on this new aircraft.
Wind Tunnel The Gevers Wind Tunnels - The Gevers' designed, built, & operate two wind tunnels. These pages contain information on these tunnels and how to rent time in them. It even provides information on how you can build your own inexpensive wind tunnel.
Invest Investment Opportunities in Gevers Aircraft, Inc. - If you are a large investment firm or individual with interests in providing funding for an aircraft manufacturing plant please review these pages to learn of the opportunities that exist at Gevers Aircraft.
Company The Company - A brief description of Gevers Aircraft, Inc.
Download Download - If there is any information on this site that you would like to download to your computer in a document format for later printing or review this section will give you several options. It includes the Genesis triphibian brochure, wind tunnel pages, and investment information.
Feedback Feedback - We welcome coments and questions regarding the information presented on this site.
Links Links - Here are some references to Gevers Aircraft and a few interesting aviation links.

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